Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Skindecent Scent Reviews
(in order that they are listed on the Skindecent website - some are no longer on the SDE site scent list)
Bakery (brown)
Botanical (red)
Candy (green)
Designer Dupe (blue)
Drinks (purple)
Feng Shui (peach)
Fruit (Light Green)
Romantic (Light Blue)
Seasonal (Light Purple)

Alfajores [site description: (Medium Intensity) Fresh baked shortbread cookies sandwiched together with gooey dulce de leche] This is the ultimate warm, foody treat! I can see this as being a favorite cozy fragrance in the cooler months. It smells like crispy, brown shortbread cookies drizzled in decadent caramel sauce. Delicious!

Blueberry Muffin [site description: (Medium Intensity) Juicy blueberries popping out of still warm muffins. This scent definately has that 'fresh baked' note] This is the most amazing scent! It really smells like moist blueberry muffins straight out of the oven!

Cake Batter [site description: (Medium Intensity) A true white scratch cake scent] I would have to disagree with the scent intensity on this one. This is a very light, cakey scent. It is a true, white cake batter just not as strongly scented as my liking.

Cherry Pie [site description:(Medium Intensity) True scent blend of juicy cherry pie filling and a fresh baked pie crust] I'm not sure if this was designed to be a dupe of Bath & Body Works Temptations scent: Simply Divine Cherry Pie but it is very close! I can smell sweet cherries mixed with a definite pie crust note (like fresh waffle cone which was originally named fresh baked pie crust).

Chocolate Fudge Cake [site description: (Medium Intensity) The rich scent of chocolate cake with fudge topping] This smells like a german chocolate cake with extra chocolately goo! LOL The only thing different to my nose than the german chocolate cake scent is the coconut. No coconut in this one, just chocolately goodness! Not sure if this was kill a chocolate craving or induce one! :P

Chocolate Mint Kisses [site description: (Medium Intensity) Rich milk chocolate sandwiched with creamy mint] This is one of my favorite so far! It smells just like cocoa with swirls of mint mixed in. It is not heavy on the mint like most minty scents can be. This is the perfect combination of the both.

Coconut Cream Pie [site description: (Light Intensity) Creamy Coconut with a graham crust background. This is true to it's name; a great foody coconut!

Creme Brulee [site description: (Medium Intensity) Rich Vanilla Custard with a touch of carmelized sugar] This was one of my first SDE scent to try and I'm so glad Marliss brought this back! It is a perfectly decadent, carmelized sugar treat!

Dulce de Leche [site description: (Medium Intensity) Sweet & sticky blend of vanillas, creams, brown sugar and milk.] If you are looking for a delicious, comfort scent look no further! This is very true to its name and smells just like the real deal!

French Vanilla [site description: (Light Intensity) Slightly creamy & sweeter version of classic vanilla] In my opinion this doesn't smell much different than regular vanilla. I was hoping for a richer smelling vanilla.

Fresh Waffle Cone [site description: (Medium Intensity) A true scent consisting of butter, flour, a pinch of sugar and that "fresh baked crust" note.] Okay this has been a personal favorite since the original name (which is still fitting) Fresh Baked Pie Crust. It smells just like a fresh graham cracker crust to me! A must-have comfort scent!

Jam Thumbprints [site description: (Medium Intensity) The rich scent of golden sugar cookies with a bit of blackberry jam in the center] Just like the sugar cookies you bake at Christmas only with a strong blackberry jam note to sweeten it up a bit! Delicious in a tart!

Lait Sucre [site description: (Light Intensity) The CSP duplicate of buttery milk, sugar and vanilla bean] Think sweetened condensed milk with vanilla extract!

Lemon Marshmallow Cake [site description: (Medium Intensity) A creamy lemon poundcake with a gooey marshmallow cream center & rich vanilla frosting smothered on top] This is very similar to CYS lemon marshmallow cream...creamy vanilla mixed into a moist lemon cake. Delicious!

Maraschino Cherries [site description: (Medium Intensity) Just like the jar of juicy red cherries] Very true scent! Steer clear of this one if cherries do not work with your chemistry. It turned on me, but I loved the scent!

Vanilla Frosting [site description: (Medium Intensity) Sweet & Buttery Homemade Icing] Once again, another long-time favorite! This is just like the homemade icing mama just to make! Buy this in the elixir for a special treat - almost the same consistency as icing. :)

Bedtime Bliss [site description: (Medium Intensity) Drift off to sleep with the soothing scent of french lavender and creamy vanilla] The ultimate relaxation scent - just enough creamy vanilla to soften the lavender!

Lemon Ice Cap [site description: (Medium Intensity) An essential oil blend of lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus] I was really surprised at this scent! I didn't think I'd like it but it is a very uplifting scent. The natural scents combine for a real therapeutic experience!

Satsuma Mint [site description: (Medium Intensity) Satsuma Orange scent mixed with Spearmint! MY FAVORITE! Sometimes you smell more Satsuma and sometimes more Spearmint....] Don't let the odd combination deceive you! This is a refreshing just have to try it to believe me!

Spearmint/Peppermint EO [site description: (Strong Intensity) very invigorating with a cooling sensation! This blend of Peppermint & Spearmint essential oils is extremely popular.] This is a summer staple for me in all the pedicure products. It really does leave a cool, tingling sensation after use! I warn against buying this in the shave mousse in the cooler will give you the chills!

Sweet Seduction
[site description:
(Medium Intensity) Our own special blend of white musk with a sprinkling of sugar.] If you are not a fan of musk, this isn't the scent for you. The musk is just a little too strong in this one for me. If you like musk, I can see where this would be a very sexy scent!

White Tea & Ginger [site description: (Medium Intensity) Top notes of fresh lemon peel enhanced with exotic spice and jasmine.] This is actually more like a strong scent intensity for me. It is strong on the floral and lighter on the lemon peel. Too heady for me. But if you like floral, this one is for you!

Buttermint [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our own special blend. Just like those creamy after dinner mints.] This smells spot-on like those pastel dinner mints! It is creamy yet slightly minty. Nice!

Fruity Marshmallows [site description: (Medium Intensity) Imagine sticking your nose into a freshly opened bag of those yummy colored marshmallows] Exactly as described! What a fun scent!

Cotton Candy [site description: (Light Intensity) Just like the strawberry fluff at the fair] This is light, sugary and simply delicious! This will take you back to your childhood!

Purple Cotton Candy [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our own blend of two different blackberries, one sweet and one tart, with fluffy cotton candy] This scent rocks!! It is one of the best cotton candy blends I've ever smelled!

Sweet Tooth [site description: (Medium Intensity) Requested by a customer, this blend combines Toasted Marshmallow, Cotton Candy and Vanilla Frosting.] This is a genious blend! The perfect blend of the three most decadent scents! A real treat!

Totally Twisted Peppermint [site description: (Medium Intensity) We've reformulated last year's Candy Cane by adding creamy vanilla and a dash of sweet strawberries] I really love this! It is the perfect, sweet peppermint scent for summer! Try it in a scrub!

Aloha Tiara Type [site description: (Medium Intensity) The CSP tropical scent of tiare flower, vanilla, coconut, ylang-ylang, and a touch of white musk.] I didn't think I would like this one but it is very soft and pretty! I haven't smelled the original to compare but I really like this!

Vanille Banana type [site description: (Medium Intensity) A CSP duplicate scent similar to a banana colada! Think creamy bananas, rich vanilla and a teeny splash of rum] Smells like straight banana laffy taffy to my nose!

Very Sexy (VS dupe) [the description is no longer on the site] This is one of my favorites! It is a sweet floral scent...not too overpowering. But the scent intensity is about a medium..perfect in hair products or perfume!

Pink Caramels [site description: (Medium Intensity) A customer requested blend of Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel. The best of both scents!!] This is probably one of my favorite Pink Sugar blends of all-time! I can smell pink sugar and an equal amount of caramel vanilla! Wonderful in a scrub!

Un Bois Vanille [site description: Medium Intensity) A close match to the Serge Lutens scent. This blends coconut milk, vanilla beans, sandalwood and almond] I have not smelled the original but this scent is a lovely mix of both foody and sophisticated. The coconut and vanilla make it creamy while the sandalwood makes it sexy and very wearable!

Vanilla Bean Noel [site description: (Medium Intensity) Delicious scent of caramel butter cookies, just like the BBW lotion] Actually this is much better than the BBW one! I get a stronger note of caramel. This is comparable to Bissy's Boutique VBN. Good stuff!

Vanille Apricot [site description: (Light Intensity) A sweet and sensuous fruity vanilla, Vanille Abricot is like a warm apricot cobbler, sprinkled with powdered sugar and nestled against a scoop of hand-made vanilla ice cream...for a limited time only] I love this! I ordered it in the conditioner and the scent lingers all day! DH loves it! It is a not-so-foody vanilla apricot...a bit of light musk mixed in.

Vaniglia del Madagascar [site description: (Medium Intensity) Rich Madagascar vanilla orchid and vanilla beans] Something about this scent so pretty yet so comforting to me. I like to put it on before bed and the scent lingers on my sheets the next day. This is probably *the best* dupe I've tried of this scent!

Blue Bubbles [site description: (Medium Intensity) A tart blueberry meets a sophisticated champagne for a refreshing blend] Very refreshing blend of blueberries and can almost smell the bubbles. Clink! Clink!

Blue Raspberry [site description: (Medium intensity) Smells just like everyone's favorite blue raspberry slushee!] Think tart blue raspberry icee...this smell just like it!

Caramel Latte [site description: (Medium Intensity) Rich & creamy aroma of caramel and coffee] This is yummy! I love it in a scrub! Think Starbucks in your shower!

Key Lime Cooler [site description: (Strong Intensity) Tart key limes are blended with creamy vanilla for a refreshing treat] I love this! It smells just like a lime smoothie.....tart, yummy limes mixed with sweet vanilla.

Mango Mimosa [site description: (Medium Intensity) Just like the breakfast drink of the rich & famous. Fresh squeezed mango & orange juices envelope crystal clear champagne.] This is a nice, fruity summer scent..reminiscent of long, summer days spent in the sun!

Pina Colada [site description: (Medium Intensity) Tropical Combo of pineapple & coconut, heavy on the pineapple scent] Oh my goodness! This is a must-try for pina colada lovers! Very sweet fruity treat!

Raspberry Gingerale [site description: (Medium Intensity) You can smell the bubbles in this fruity soda] This scent is amazing!! How did Marliss bottle the real scent of gingerale mixed with fresh raspberries? You can really smell the fizz.

Sugared Chai Tea [site description: (Strong Intensity) Spicy Chai Tea sprinkled with golden brown sugar] This smells just like my favorite winter treat - chai tea latte! The chai is more sugary than spicey and it is also creamy.

Tea Party [site description: (Medium Intensity) Freshly brewed tea leaves with a slice of lemon] This smells just like a glass of unsweet sun tea.

Apple Blossom [scent description: (Medium Intensity) A picture perfect apple scent with the stem and leaf still attached] This really does smell like an apple with the leaf still attached...a teeny bit of 'green'.

Blackberry Bliss [site description: (Strong Intensity) A blend of ripe blackberries and fresh greenery.] I didn't get much of a 'green' note in this which is a good thing for me. Just sweet blackberry, well...bliss! :)

Caribbean Bounty [site description: (Medium Intensity) A delicious fruity blend of mangoes, pineapples & papayas] Not your average fruity blend...the papayas make this one a little different. A nice, tropical treat!

Creamy Pear [site description: (Medium Intensity) A delicious blend of ripe pears and vanilla cream] This is heavier on the pears than the vanilla. The vanilla really smoothes it out into a creamy pear sniff.

Grapefruit Vanilla [site description: (Medium Intensity) A bold & zingy true grapefruit scent mellows out slightly with creamy vanilla] I love the combination of the tartness of the grapefruit and the creamy, sweetness of the vanilla...great scent year round!

Juicy Peach [site description: (Medium Intensity) This fragrance smells exactly like a fresh basket of peaches] This is a very true peach scent...very sweet! Think of a wicker basket full of ripe peaches just picked from an orchard.

Key Lime [site description: (Medium Intensity) A bold single note of fresh key lime. A real pick me up scent] I love this in shower is tart and refreshing!

Mango Tango [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our popular summer scent is back! Fresh summer strawberries meets juicy mangoes. Have YOU mango tangoed?] This is one of my husbands favorite scents from SDE! He loves mango and this scent does not disappoint. This is probably on my list of all-time favs! The berries sweeten up the mangoes a bit making this scent perfect in any product.

Mimosa & Mandarin [site description: ??] I smell mostly citrusy mandarin with a tiny bit of mimosa blossom. It blends perfectly with the mandarin because mimosa blossoms are naturally sweet.

Monkey Farts [site description: (Strong Intensity) Bascially everything a monkey eats! Bananas, Coconuts....] Another great summer scent! I love the combination of sweet bananas and flaky coconut..maybe some berries in there too!

Orange Sherbet [site description: Medium Intensity) A bold orange scent is softened just a little with icy creaminess] This smells exactly like a big tub of orange sherbert or sorbet (however you wish to say it)! Pair this with vanilla and you have the perfect creamsicle scent!

Raspberry Smoothie [site description: (Medium Intensity) Yummy sweet raspberries mixed together with cream.] Take a handful of raspberries and a couple of scoops of ice cream and mix in blender....voila!

Satsuma Savvy [site description: (Strong Intensity) Our own bold citrus blend, similar to the Body Shop’s popular fragrance] This is a great citrus scent...but not quite a dupe of The Body Shop's satsuma.

Starfruit & Mango [site description: (Medium Intensity) A refreshing blend of fresh star fruit and mangos with a teeny bit of strawberries and peaches. A bold fragrance that has a candyish note to it] I am in love with this scent! This is my HG summer scent of 2007! I love the sweet blend of mangos, strawberries and peaches...and just the right amount of tart star fruit makes it perfect!

Strawberries N Cream [site description: (Medium Intensity) An absolute favorite!] This smells like those little, round candies...Creamsavers, yes that's the name!

Strawberry Fields [site description: (Medium Intensity) Imagine sitting down in the middle of a strawberry patch at their peak of ripeness] This is the truest strawberry scent I've found yet! Highly recommended!

Vanilla Berry [site description: (Medium Intensity) Not your average berries & cream scent since this has a heavy vanilla bean top note] AKA beans n berries. This almost smells like tonka bean mixed with berries...a very unique scent!

Yuzu [site description: (Medium Intensity) Yuzu is a Japanese Grapefruit, a hybrid of grapefruit and mandarin, and it has a very strong and bright fragrance] This is a tart grapefruit...a great pick-me-up scent!

Dream Catcher [site description: (Medium Intensity) A powdery musk fragrance with notes of oakmoss and lilies; middle notes of ylang ylang and jasmine; bottom notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood. ] I am not big on floral and musk scents so I probably can't give a fair representation of this scent. It just smelled like a very strong floral with mush mixed in.

Pink Ambrosia [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our own blend of Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel, Marshmallow Creme and Coconut] This scent is a little too heavy on the pink sugar. I would like to see the creaminess of the marshmallow and coconut come out a little more. It's great for PS lovers though!

Purple Haze [site description: (Medium Intensity) Sultry and seductive blend of sugared violets, musk and vanilla] What do you know? I started branching out last year into less foody and fruity scents. Marliss sent me a sample of this in a scrub and I fell head over heels in love!!! I am crazy about the sugared violets combined with a creamy musk. Marliss really has a nose for mixing scents! This scent is phenominal!!

Red Egyptian Musk [site description: a Limited Time Only scent- softer and a more botanical scent than our original Egyptian Musk] I haven't tried regular Egyptian Musk but this one is very nice. I wouldn't want to wear this everyday. But I'd definitely wear it on nicer occasions.

The Forbidden Strawberry [site description: (Medium Intensity) Sexy musk combines with fresh & juicy strawberries] I can barely make out the strawberries...a little heavier on the musk for sure!

Vanilla Passion [site description: (Medium Intensity) A sweet vanilla base with light floral and musk notes] I love this! It is definitely more sweet vanilla with just a bit of musk to make it wearable.

Apple Cider Cookies [site description: (Medium Intensity) Spiced apple chunks and raisins folded into a chewy oatmeal cookie] This doesn't smell like apple cider at all. It smell more bakery...sweet cookies mixed with tart apples and sweet raisins. Delicious for fall!

Cotton Candy Sunrise [site description: (Medium Intensity) Sugary sweet cotton candy combines with bold & zesty orange notes] This is one of my all-time favorites! I can smell both the cotton candy and the orange...slightly heavier on the orange. Think of the fair and cotton candy in one hand and an orange dreamsicle in the other!

Creamy Gingerbread [site description: (Medium Intensity) We've reformulated our gingerbread with rich vanilla bean] After I tried this blend of gingerbread with vanilla bean noel I loved it so much I immediately re-ordered more! I've been looking for the perfect non-spicy gingerbread for years and this is IT!

Eggnog Cupcakes [site description: Medium Intensity) Creamy white cupcakes filled with a slightly spicy eggnog custard] I didn't find this scent spicy at all either. It is one of my favorite Christmas scents. I usually stay away from eggnog scents because they usually smell too much like egg with not much else. But this smells just like my traditional eggnog muffin recipe I fix every Christmas morning. It is eggnog mixed with a tiny bit of spice and blended with a sugary muffins mix. Yum!

Fruit Salad [site description: (Medium Intensity) A delightful blend of oranges, apples and cherries] This is a great scent for fruit lovers and kids alike! I can pick out each individual note...I don't know how Marliss does it!

I Dream of Berries [site description: (Medium Intensity) Bold Raspberries and Blackberries are mellowed by peaceful lavender] This is such a unique scent! I love how the berry notes are dominant and the lavender rests in the background. It is both comforting and refreshing.

Jamaica Me Crazy [site description: (Medium Intensity) A refreshing blend of tempting tropical fruits, citrus and coconut] I like the combination of tropical scents with citrus in this one...very bright, tropical blend...perfect for sunny days!

Lemon Creme [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our new blend of smooth vanilla beans and sweet lemons] I really like this! It may be one of my favorite lemon scents ever - lemons softened by creamy vanilla...very similar to Watkin's Lemon.

Lemonade Stand [site description: (Medium Intensity) Everyone's favorite cold pink lemonade with a plate of crisp sugar cookies] Oh yum!! I can really smell both the cookies and the lemonade..I thought the tartness of the lemonade would drown them out but no! One of each please!

Pomegranate [site description: (Medium Intensity) A juicy & sweet pomegranate scent] For so long I was afraid to try any pomegranate scents. I've never tried the fruit and never smelled it. But somewhere I got it in my head that they smelled sour. I received a sample of this scent and it was not bad at all. In fact it is very wearable...nice unique fruity scent.

Pumpkin Cookies [site description: (Medium Intensity) Freshly baked pumpkin cookies with just a teeny hint of spice] I am not a huge pumpkin fanatic but this scent is very nice blended wiht sugar cookies.

Sex on the Beach [site description: (Medium Intensity) Fresh orange and cranberry juice splashed over ice with peach schnapps] There is something about this cocktail that doesn't set well with me...maybe it is the peach schnapps...too much! Who knows but it is a favorite of many!

Sugar Cookies [site description: (Medium Intensity) A yummy scent of freshly baked sugar cookies sprinkled with colored sugars] This is not my favorite sugar cookie scent as a single nite because it is lightly scented. But it is wonderful in blends!

Tropical Salsa [site description: (Medium Intensity) Our own blend of peaches, mangos, strawberries, citrus with a bit of Pink Sugar] Wonderful! Just enough PS to make it interesting with a top note of fresh berries and citrus!

Watermelon Lemonade [site description: (Strong Intensity) Quench your thirst! Tart lemons, sugar and juicy watermelon] Perfect! Imagine red, ripe, juicy watermelons sliced drenched in sweet lemonade!

Wedding Cake [site description: (Medium Intensity) Moist white cake smothered with creamy buttercream frosting] Exactly like the description...the BEST cake scent I've tried to date. Similar to NE's wedding cake scent.